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Gama System turns 27

27. November 2019

The first 27 years are behind us. We have created the preconditions for a global breakthrough.

When Gama System was founded, we were committed to delivering solutions in business areas where innovation, advanced solutions and good practices are crucial. We have succeeded in this and are celebrating our 27th anniversary while maintaining the status of an independent provider. A company that constantly invests in innovative solutions development, establishes long-term partnerships with clients and pursues high moral values in its operations. We are very proud of that.

Gama 27yo

The knowledge and experience we have accumulated over the years has also significantly influenced our vision of the future. We want to continue to pursue our core values while focusing more on foreign markets. Our goal is to globalize our innovative solutions. To achieve this goal, we have developed a brand new DMS, called Gama System eDocs 5.

Gama System eDocs 5 is an advanced solution that fundamentally changes traditional DMS concepts, while putting the user at the forefront. Employees in the department collect and edit various data and information, prepare or participate in the preparation of various documents, liquidate invoices, all in constant communication with colleagues, representatives of different departments and with their customers and suppliers.

For this purpose, we have developed a highly effective collaboration platform based on the principles of lean organization. This platform is breaking through functional organizational structure, as it eliminates the harmfulness of information silos. Simple, fast, intuitive and efficient.

In the future we want to expand our partner network. Gama System eDocs 5 is available in English, Slovenian, Croatian, Serbian, Arabic, Portuguese, Spanish and Bulgarian language. Anyone interested in working with us is invited to join us - for each business partner, we will prepare a language version that is suitable for marketing and use in the partner's local language.