Our Mission and Vision
Our Mission and Vision

Our mission

Gama System d.o.o. is an independent company, which consistently follows highly set goals since its foundation in 1992. We have achieved an important developmental breakthrough by transforming from an educational-consulting into software producing-educational-consulting company, where consulting is mostly performed in a form of implementingour own software. As a consequence we could set an even higher goal, which is to become an important provider on a software market in Slovenia and in Europe.

In Gama System we value innovation as a type of work with the goal to do right things in a right way. We develop software for areas, which are poorly covered or not covered at all (e.g. software support for ISO 9001 / ISO 14001 / OHSAS 18001, Work Factor - fast procedure, etc). So we could not, even if we would want to, copy similar solutions from other companies. As a consequence, we had to solve questions related to installation of our software at customers, which usedvarious software, at the very beginning. That is an innovation too, since we produce own, highly integrated solutions andsoftware, which is easily integrated with other information systems that are used by our customers.

Our solution requires strong user support, at first in the form of knowing their requirements, where we see our opportunity in managing areas, which are supported by our software, and later on in the form of consulting, which tool and how to use it as support for everyday work. We never forget that our work sometimes could have critical consequences for our customers, therefore we are very devoted to it and we put forward techniques, which assure our customers the highest quality of service.

Our vision

We will try hard to develop software support, which will bring an important rationalization into business processes ofour customers. We have defined our customers' benefit as a measure of successfulness of our work, and needs of our customers as alead to our future directions. In simplifying and increasing everyday work of our customers' employees we see the best way to be considered a long term partner in eyes of the users of our products.

The vision of further development of the company is based on previous achievements. When speaking about user-friendly and efficient software packages, developed on latest technologies, that is us, now and in the future. We will try to hold out new development cycles, the results of which will bring benefits to our customers in rationalization and lowering costs of business operations, and user-friendly and efficient tools simplifying everyday work. And to us, they will bring the purestform of precedence over our competition.

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