Purchase to Pay
Purchase to Pay

Reduce the cost of purchasing and accounting, and start enjoying the benefits that automatic liquidation of paper and electronic invoices brings to you.

If you still record received bills in the register of incoming invoices, or even in different tables, then you are missing huge money and time savings.

Employees of the company (especially managers, heads of departments) for routine tasks, such as liquidation of accounts still spend too much time and energy. Here we mainly refer to photocopying, sending paper invoices to the organization and the individual units, manually typing, and verifying by phone the accuracy of individual items.

Why not eliminate these unnecessary operations, simplify work and save an average of 10 Euros per invoice received? This is an annual savings for a medium-sized company of between 50,000 and 150,000 Euros, which you now can not afford to lose.

Challenges We Solve:

  • Inconsistency of users to utilize existing solutions
  • Advocacy, loss and the search for invoices received
  • Manual, time-consuming and erroneous recording of incoming invoices
  • Payment of interest on arrears due to slow liquidation
  • Ineffective supervision of financial obligations

Your benefits

Saving time

When an invoice you receive travels through organization only in electronic form, the time for validation is reduced by up to half. This results in more efficient and cheaper contractual obligations.

Cutting costs

Standard savings for an invoice is 10 Euro, so you can expect return on investment within one year (ROI <12 months). Save and retrieve options for the use of discounts for prompt payment and other negotiations with suppliers. With the rapid liquidation, you will further ensure the timely preparation of data for calculation of VAT.

Increase employee productivity

With the help of optical character recognition while scanning (OCR) data from paper invoices are automatically captured, and the same happens with the data from electronic bills. The technology also reduces the possibility of human error and allows employees to concentrate on making higher quality business decisions.

Faster and standardized processes

With the liquidation of invoices received electronically, you will have a comprehensive insight into the bottlenecks and the possibility of their elimination. It allows you to trace invoices received from capture and transfer to the accounting software, which means reducing the risk of losing important business documents.

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